30% of People Getting News From Facebook

Author: Category: Category: Blog Date: 29th October, 2013

30% of People Getting News From FacebookThis may come as little surprise for people that spend a large portion of time on Facebook but it is something worth noting nonetheless. A recent study undertaken by Pew Research shows that in America alone approximately 30% of Facebook users get at least a portion of their news there.

Why is this important

For most of us this information is not important but for advertisers it is indeed significant. If we can assume that people are influenced by Facebook to this degree then we can just as easily assume that the same amount, or near enough as to be the same, view and remember advertisements in much the same way. What we need to remember is that the news that people view on Facebook is usually local or of such significance that it cannot be avoided. At all times it is something that strikes a chord with the person viewing it. 

At well over a billion registered users Facebook has become one of the few outlets available with such a potential customer base. With 30% of the users in America being exposed to news content via their wall it can be assumed that a proportion of the users outside America similar to the 30% mark will also be affected by such postings and in turn advertisements as well. This, if nothing else, serves to clearly show us the scale with which a targeted campaign can grab peoples attention.

How do we reach these people

The one thing to remember about any social network is that it is an organic form of advertising. While you may be able to target a paid for ad campaign at certain groups to some degree of success the majority of people will most likely not even see such an advertisement. For niche fields this is fine as you only need to reach a small portion of Facebook or another given social media platform. However if you focus your postings on things that interest your fan base you can reap the benefits of the portions of the social media population you hadn’t previously targeted. 

 While targeted ads are a perfect way to gain an initial following you will always need to do more to increase your fan base. Many people using Facebook and other social media sites for business use tend to forget the social aspect of the platforms. The people using these services need to see something that will catch their eye and keep them interested just as the latest news article can catch their attention. Clever planning and using your current fan base as a starting point can lead to unbelievable growth for a business that can make use of the organic nature of these social media platforms.

In the end its not just a study about 30% of people getting news from Facebook it is a study showing the potential for people to be influenced by something on Facebook.