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Prestashop & Magento are a widely-used open source programs for running online stores. These 2 open source platforms are All In One Solutions for your eCommerce Website Design. Clients can add/edit and update the products by them self without any coding knowledge, creating promotionsvoucher codes and special offers is extremely easy with these platforms, which is very important for day to day shop management. In addition there is an invoicing solution coming with the system, which means you don’t need to bother about providing invoices to your buyers, as it’s automatically emailed to them once they finalize the purchase. 

At Webdevo we can help you with your eCommerce website design. We can implement the right software to ensure that your visitors get a fast and simple shopping experience.

The Benefits of An Online Store

There are many factors that go into successful eCommerce website design. Creating a profitable online store is not as simple as it may seem. Many hopeful entrepreneurs have the misconception that all you have to do is list a few products and the money will come pouring in. There is much more to it than that. Just as a local brick and mortar store requires effort to become successful, so does an online shopping website.

Advantages of Online Stores

In light of the poor economy in recent years and the fact that people have less money to spend, a business-owner has to find ways to get new ways to get income. Businesses that previously could do fine without venturing onto the Internet marketplace now must find ways to broaden their customer-bases or go under. A well-designed online shopping website is one of the best and easiest ways to do this. The minute that site goes live, the store owner can draw customers in from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. People who would never be able to set foot in a physical store can now go to a website and buy merchandise. These stores do not require that the owner pay rent as they would on a physical store, nor do they require expensive upkeep and high insurance costs.

eCommerce Website Design and User Friendliness

Once the decision to launch an online store has been made, there are certain other factors to consider. How a website is constructed plays a large role in whether a customer will want to buy anything there. Most users consider the ease of finding products and the simplicity of the checkout process to be among the most important aspects of an online store. Ease of navigation is an often neglected element of the online shopping website. It is the responsibility of the online store’s owner to ensure that their site’s design provides the most convenient shopping experience possible. Online shopping websites need content management systems that simplify the shopping experience for visitors.

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