What are email newsletters? and how do they work?

Author: Category: Category: Blog Date: 28th February, 2012

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What are email newsletters?

An email newsletter is a powerful marketing tool designed to target specific people. It is very important to build the content so it is short and sweet but gets all the information you want across. I would always recommend putting a newsletter signup form on your website. That way weekly or monthly you can target your excising customers with new deals.

How does an email newsletter work?

Once you have the content of your newsletter written up you pass it on to your graphic designer and he/she will draw up a newsletter. Email newsletters are 600px wide (about half the size of a laptop screen). Then you or if you pay your designer extra he/she must compile a list of potential clients or put email newsletter signup on your website and when people signs to your newsletter you’ll have full list of your customers. We would not recommend generating spam! This will give your company a bad name. Next step is to send it out. You will need a mailchimp account for this. Just sign up to mailchimp and follow the instructions.

What does an email newsletter look like?

Take a look at a sample webdevo.ie email newsletter click here

How much does it cost to design & develop n email newsletter?

To get an accurate quote we will need to get a bit more information off you. Contact us today for a free quote click here