Google Page Rank update December 2013

Author: Category: Category: Blog Date: 7th December, 2013

Google Page rank Update December 2013It came as a great surprise to everyone when Google updated its Pagerank standings yesterday entirely out of the blue. Apparently this came about due to the Google team working to fix another backend service and as part of this they simply ran a Pagerank update while they were at it. At least that is the story according to Matt Cutts twitter update regarding the Google Page Rank update December 2013

Why does Google Page Rank matter

These days it really doesnt. Well that isnt entirely true. Page Rank is a solid representation of the authority of a given website. The infrequency with which Google updates this ranking system however makes it a low priority in terms of Search Engine Optimisation targets. At least that is how it has become. While it has had its day there are many more useful metrics to track the authority of a website.

One such set of metrics are those in use by Majestic SEO which runs a joined set of metrics known as Citation Flow and trust Flow collectively known as their Flow metrics. With these kinds of regularly updated reliable metrics at our disposal many SEO companies can better tailor their marketing strategies as we can see changes far more regularly than with the dinosaur that Googles Page Rank has become.

How did Webdevo fare after the Google Page rank Update December 2013

On a personal note for Webdevo though, if indeed a company can be personal, the majority of the websites that have been created by and are managed by Webdevo increased in Page rank despite many sites seeing a decrease in rank. 

Simply put the update may have been something to fear for some but those of us that followed good SEO practices have had little to worry about.