Swiss Data Centers All The Rage

Author: Category: Category: Blog Date: 12th December, 2013

Swiss Data Centers All The RageWith the many revelations about mass spying undertaken by the NSA with aid from many tech industry giants many people and companies are left with a terrible dread that their data just isnt safe anymore. Of course while no data can truly be kept safe from a determined attacker there are many things that people are doing to keep their data in a safer location outside of the watchful eye of the NSA and other American agencies. Hecne the surge in demand for data centers in Switzerland

Why the move to Swiss data centers

As many people know the Swiss have been long admired for their privacy laws, especially when it comes to banking. In terms of data privacy they are one of the strictest countries in the world. Not only can no data be given out without a writ from a judge it can only be done in a limited set of circumstances. Under Swiss law personal data is defined as a “precious good” and cannot be given to any government body, be it Swiss or not, without a judges permission.

Of course it is not simply the data protection laws that are seemingly making Switzerland a data haven but also the data centers themselves. One of the most astonishing would have to be the Deltalis data center located close to the village of Attinghausen. Built in a decommissioned army barracks it is protected from nuclear blasts via among other things four-ton solid steel doors. Other security measures include biometric scanners at all entry points as well as armed guards patrolling the complex. A bit extreme some might say but then again physical access to ones data is complete and total access so for highly sensitive information this kind of facility is a security persons wet dream.

So we should all store our data in military bunkers?

While these kinds of facilities may seem extreme to many of us there are countless companies that deal with incredible amounts of sensitive data on a daily basis. In those cases such measures could even be seen as not going far enough. In terms of the benefits for European companies it would mean that they have a safe secure location that not only remains safe from American snooping but is also centrally located within Europe making it an ideal hosting location as it can make use of the top notch European infrastructure.