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Email Newsletter Design

Email NewsletterMany businesses benefit by having an email newsletter. Many customers look forward to this each and every week. Using your email is a great way to take advantage of marketing options and spread the word about your business. Newsletters are a great way to add to your marketing plan without increasing the cost. You don’t have to spend a fortune on marketing, it’s easy to market your business for free if you follow a few simple tips.

Encourage Sign Ups to Your Website

Creating repeat business on your website is imperative to keeping your business successful. Encourage visitors to sign up to your website. Offer and give them an added bonus for coming back again and again. Keep your site interesting with fresh and relevant content that will hold your readers attention.

Add a Sign Up Bonus

A sign up bonus can be as simple as weekly or monthly newsletters that your reader can start receiving as soon as they sign up. Provide tips and tricks for using your business or product to its fullest capacity. Keep customers up to date on the latest innovations. Provide coupons for customers to use to reduce costs of using your product. Provide incentives for customers who tell others about your business. The possibilities are limitless here, so think outside of the box and give your customer just a little bit more than they are expecting and they will be coming back again and again for more of what you have to offer. You can even rotate what the bonus is according to the week, month or time of year. Be creative and your customers will appreciate you for it.

Easy Marketing

Email newsletter design is easy once you know a few basics. Keep your email newsletter short enough to be helpful. Usually three to five pages is plenty for each mailing. More pages than that and you risk losing a customer because it’s too much information at one time to wade through. Use bold headlines and eye catching fonts to keep the readers attention. Consider using different colors of print or text boxes to designate specific areas of the letter.

Focus on the basics and work your way up to the more complicated. Start a series using questions and answers or a “how to” forum. Creating your email newsletter design can be done with just the basics by typing in a document and converting it to a PDF file, or simply make it an email that you send in a mass email to a number of people on your list.

Go ahead, read other newsletters to get an idea of how to format yours. Don’t copy word for word but take a look at the design features and formatting. Keep your newsletter fresh and unique by adding in something that the others don’t have or use. Do a survey to see what your readers are looking for (survey monkey is great for survey’s and you’ll be able to see your results easily).

Focusing on your email newsletter design and filling a niche that your customers are seeking will go far in helping you to build a successful business that stands the test of time. No business is would be complete without taking advantage of this free marketing tip.

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