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Mobile Website DesignWhen you think about technology in the modern world, you probably picture tablets, consoles, smartphones, and other mobile devices that keep users connected to their loved ones, as well as the internet. Gone are the days when it was practically second nature for a user to use their computer to access information on the go. More than ever, users are obtaining information and staying in contact with their friends and family via mobile technology.

Mobile websites are faster and more user friendly

When thinking about this, it’s logical to connect this to your website. If a customer needs assistance in the field of service that you offer while on the go, are you ready to give it to them in a light, mobile package, such as a mobile website?

Having a mobile website and not having a mobile website design can be the blunt difference between a user staying on your website or leaving it while browsing via a mobile means. To understand this fully, consider all of the factors that can influence whether the user would want to browse your non-mobile website on a mobile platform. Generally, users that are browsing from a mobile browser are using cellphone network data transfer speeds or something slightly less powerful than a cable connection. For mobile platforms, this can mean that your site can take much more time to load than it would if the user just visited your site from a traditional computer.

Another point to consider is that your site may be difficult to navigate from a moderately small screen. If a user wants to browse a non-mobile website via their PDA or tablet, this means that they’ll more than likely have to be doing a lot of zooming in and out and meticulous tapping to make sure they select the right link on your site. This is not good practice for allowing your visitors to navigate freely on your website.

mobile-web-designLeave it to the experts

This is where we come in. We understand how vital and important it is to transform your current design into a neat and simple mobile website design that loads in a fraction of the time a normal website would. We specialize in creating all types of sites from iPhone websites to Android web design.

Additionally, when it comes to us building your website, you don’t have to worry about the technical jargon that comes along with iPhone websites, Android web design, mobile websites, or web design, itself. We take care of all the work behind the scenes so that you don’t have to. Imagine that just after your project comes to completion, your visitors can visit your website straight from their platforms and be greeted with a simple, and easy-to-use interface. They don’t have to worry about zooming in and out just to simply navigate your site; they can easily read your text and navigate the sections of your website with ease without experiencing slow loading times and errors in coding.

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In today’s world, mobile website design is absolutely crucial. Just think, you could be losing sales or hits on your website just for the sheer fact that your customer/visitor found it too hard or confusing to navigate your non-mobile-friendly website. Leave the dark ages behind and see what types of mobile solutions we can provide your website with!

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