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Search Engine OptimisationAny business that has spent more than a few weeks or so attempting to build an online presence for themselves understands that building traffic and interest is every bit as important as having a web site with a clean look and feel that’s easy to navigate, and that the easiest way to build sustainable traffic that is comprised of targeted visitors that are already primed to take action once they arrive on your web property is through proper search engine optimization. It’s what can make all the difference between a measurably larger bottom line, and losing customers to a competitor. When considering enlisting in the services of any professional SEO company, it’s important to understand the basics about the tasks that they’ll be performing, and how those things will benefit you over time.

Benefits of Performing SEO

Clearly, the ultimate goal of SEO is to promote enhanced rankings in search listing pages that are generated when users search for a given keyword phrase. Optimization can be focused around improving the rankings of a front page, or of “deep” pages that are farther down the navigational tree of a site, such as individual product pages. There’s a tremendous level of flexibility that this offers, especially since web pages can be optimized for virtually any keyword.

The importance of choosing the right keywords is difficult to emphasize strongly enough. It’s easy to discern a user’s intent from certain keywords. Some intentions may be more specific than others. For example, a search for the term “seo ireland” is much more narrow and focused than a search for “seo,” and is likely to return a list of results that is much more specific.

Building pages that rank well will garner traffic, but building them in a way that makes them able to cater to the specific intent of the user is what makes them more likely to actually generate a favorable response, especially if the keyword is oriented towards making a purchase.

On-page Optimization

Search engines evaluate the relevancy of a given page based on a number of factors that are ranked in an order of importance as a part of a large, complicated mathematical algorithm that is constantly being updated and altered. While there are exceptions, most of this is done through the use of spiders that automatically crawl pages, and make a kind of checklist that grades a page’s overall quality.

The overall freshness and originality of a site’s content figures heavily into this process. Ideally, search engines want to rank pages that are frequently updated with information that isn’t available anywhere else. While several of these ranking factors relate to things like keyword occurrences in the content of a page, a few more might relate to page elements that aren’t normally visible to the user, and that only appear in the code that renders the web page upon its request by a user. These things are what are known as “meta tags,” and tailoring them to focus around specific SEO goalsĀ 

Building Off-site Links

Additionally, search engine crawlers will periodically perform a careful evaluation of the number of links that are inbound to the site in question from other sites, and take note of the anchor text that’s used to form those links. The quantity of the links, as well as the overall authority of the pages that the links are on both go a long way to boosting page rankings, and one of the most time-consuming elements of SEO involves either working out relationships with other webmasters that can link back to a client’s site in order to help its rankings, or constructing pages from scratch that can do this outright.

While many SEO strategies used in combination can result in a dramatic upward shift in search rankings, as well as a positive traffic flow increase, it’s important to keep in mind that no SEO company has control over how often any given page is crawled and indexed. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that getting results from SEO can take time, and is certainly not an overnight solution. Still, it’s an investment that very often pays off in the end.

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